In only one day, children are given an array of concentrated artistic experiences at major arts and culture venues.

Free Arts Days connect children to their community by creating meaningful one-day creative programs in collaboration with local arts and culture organizations. 

At a majority of Free Arts Days, volunteers will be buddied up one-on-one with a participating child.  Minimal training is required for volunteers. Many corporate employees, clubs and organizations volunteer together as groups.

"The beauty of each Free Arts Day is that they are, in themselves, magnificent and equally awe-inspiring...I have come to the belief that our mere presence is a source of immeasurable hope to the children we serve. It does not go undetected by the child - we are there because we WANT to be there - WITH THEM! To watch a distressed child completely immersed in the creative process, completely at one with their creativity, and then to witness their acknowledgement of their artistic achievement - and to see the joy they are experiencing - makes in undeniable - ART HEALS!" Pamela, Longtime volunteer

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