In only one day, children are given an array of concentrated artistic experiences at major arts and culture venues.

By the end of this year Free Arts will have hosted 23 Free Arts Days allowing over 2,000 children and teens to explore a creative cultural venue with the support of a caring volunteer.  This year participants raced through Murphy Park in Glendale on a fast-paced artistic scavenger hunt, danced the day away in downtown Phoenix as part of a Thriller flash mob, explored the pumpkin patch at Desert Botanical Gardens and saw several high-quality performances.  Even adults enjoy themselves at Free Arts Days as one volunteer remarked, “I think I had more fun than the kids!”  What a great way to build community!

Free Arts Days are one-day, concentrated, artistic experiences that expose kids to an array of art expressions and many of Phoenix’s major arts and culture venues.

At a majority of Free Arts Days, volunteers will be buddied up one-on-one with a participating child.  Minimal training is required for volunteers. Many corporate employees, clubs and organizations volunteer together as groups.

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