Professional Artist Series Returns

In the fall of 2020, Free Arts initiated a re-imagined version of the Professional Artist Series. Knowing that the children we serve were in need of artistic expression to help them process and express themselves, we partnered with three partner agencies that had shown interest in on-site programs for the fall. Our teaching artists were ready and eager to offer classes to the community.

Over five weeks, 61 children participated in visual arts and hip hop classes. COVID-19 safety precautions were put in place by both the partner facilities and Free Arts. Children ages 3-18 were excited to see visitors again and to engage in art! Modifications to the Professional Artist Series included a flexible number of sessions to accommodate partner agency schedules and a smaller celebration at the end of the series that included pizza and goodie bags for the children, rather than a large scale performance. One excited five year old child in the hip hop sessions shared with the teaching artist during the final session -“Miss, I have been practicing every day and I know the dance now!”

Partner agency staff were supportive and helpful, enjoyed giving the children encouragement on their art, and sometimes even participating alongside them. The spring Professional Artist Series which includes visual arts, Chinese cultural arts, dance and yoga will kick-off in March and will be offered to additional partner agencies who are ready to have visitors on site.

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