From Free Arts Intern, to Volunteer, to Employee…A Journey!

Beth is a former Free Arts intern and recent ASU graduate who wants to make a difference using the arts. She found Free Arts through Arizona State University and began her time with us as the Programs Intern. She started volunteering with Free Arts Days and the Weekly Mentor Program. After falling in love with volunteering, she helped with a Professional Artist Series. Now, Beth works in our office as the Program Assistant. Beth spoke about her journey to her current position, “I love that I get to make this organization a part of my everyday life.”

Program Coordinator, Audrey Boyle, had this to say about Beth, “From the start, her work ethic and dedication to the Free Arts mission were evident. As an intern, she was always open to taking on and conquering new challenges and has carried over this mindset into her new role as Program Assistant. Beth navigates any situation with grace.”

During Beth’s short time with Free Arts she has already collected so many special memories. “I remember a girl from a Professional Artist Series. I got to watch her open up and reveal her big heart for her family and for the world. It made me realize that the work we do as volunteers means a lot, even if it doesn’t feel like it at first. I think my favorite part is either the impact that we make just by being ourselves or the community of healthy adults that the volunteers get to be a part of.”

Are you interested in learning about how you can help Beth out in the art room as a volunteer? Sign-up for a volunteer orientation today to start that journey!

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