Miss Scottsdale’s Outstanding Teen Helps Free Arts Make Affirmation Cards

Free Arts made a positive impact locally in our recent partnership with Miss Scottsdale’s Outstanding Teen. Sophia Lin reached out to Free Arts because she related to our mission: “Transforming children’s trauma to resilience through the arts.”

At the age of 14, Sophia Lin has worked with various nonprofit organizations and charities where she demonstrated many of her visual talents. As an incoming high school sophomore, she has expressed her passion for creating art and helping children. She noticed our recent campaign titled The 50 States of Affirmation and reached out to us about making affirmation cards.

Creating Affirmation Cards

Currently, the affirmation cards are a remote way to participate in our many volunteering opportunities. Willing participants then have the chance to use basic art materials to create a positive affirmation in Spanish and English. After, these cards get sent out to: Alumni, Weekly Mentor Program, Professional Artist Series, Bravery Bags, Camps, Free Arts Days, or to one of the 40 child welfare agencies we partner with across Maricopa County. Our goal is to get an affirmation card from all 50 states.

Our nonprofit organization is known across the valley to provide art resources to foster children and teens as a healthy coping mechanism. To help them transform trauma into resilience, Sophia is working with us to bring in affirmations cards from states across the U.S.

Currently, as part of the Miss Arizona Outstanding Teen program, she connects with other titleholders from different states to spread the word about our campaign through social media like Instagram. These titleholders have created affirmation cards which will count towards our nationwide initiative.

Recently, with our partnership with Sophia we made a video that goes in-depth to her background, and we even created our own affirmation cards in this Q&A.

As of date, Free Arts has received 32 States and is waiting for 18 more to complete out goal! To participate please follow our instructions here.

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