One Word About Volunteer Mentors at Free Arts

At volunteer mentor orientation, participants are asked to write down a word that describes them, this is the result.

Stepping Into the World of Volunteerism

As guests arrive for volunteer orientation, they get a glimpse of the types of experiences children have in our programs. Our volunteer coordinator, Mars de La Tour, welcomes them in with a creative activity: Make a badge with your first name, your pronouns, and one word about you.

“I am surprised from how challenging it is for people to choose their word! During our intentional art activities, children are asked to think about themselves and express their gifts in new ways. The name badge activity gives potential new volunteer mentors an idea of what it’s like for our children to try something new, something they might feel uncertain about at first,” Mars explains.

Group photo was taken after volunteer mentor training on Saturday, June 4, 2022. This is done after participants complete their orientation.

Whether teaming up for a Weekly Mentor Program or participating in one of our Mentor Mixers, volunteer mentors share their passion for making a difference in the lives of children. This fun, little-sized ice breaker activity at our volunteer orientation is the first opportunity to learn something about others while experiencing the Free Arts mission.

Sometimes Mars is asked it it’s okay to use more than one word or to draw something instead.

“Yes, absolutely! I love that outside-of-the-box thinking! At Free Arts, it’s about the process, not the product. Taking the framework of the activity and turning it into something uniquely theirs is what really allows children to explore their abilities. Leveling power differences and supporting shared decision-making are important parts of the trauma-informed care principles our volunteer mentors are trained to use within programs. I can’t imagine Free Arts wanting to do it any other way!”

Learn more about becoming a volunteer mentor, register for an orientation here, and discover YOUR ONE WORD!

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