Drifting Heart

Bio: Illustrator, art director and versatile artist Jon Arvizu strives to create and appreciate art in everyday things. Jon has been professionally involved in the graphic and fine art industry for over 15 years, and has had a love of all things artistic since childhood. His illustration and design firm, Trapdoor Studio, has worked with clients large and small since 2002.

Artist Statement: I felt Zach put together a thoughtful and powerful narrative in his original painting. So I wanted to use my personal style to accentuate and put a slightly different spin on his concept. I set up symmetry between sky and water to show a connect and make the hearts a focal point. I also used bright, bold colors with heavy black line-work for a more graphic look. The reds also visually connect the sky with the warm heart below. This piece is about the beauty that comes from overcoming obstacles.