Full of Wonders

I was a lost child standing between two walls that intersect.

I was my feet that leave the house ready to be dosed by Alcohol.

I was a child given to strangers not knowing I was being put in adoption. I was a prize that was passed on than left alone.

I was a child that was taught to always defend by getting dumped.  I was a child that can only live poor and never dream big.  I was a child that grew up living with angels, but yet became the devil’s daughter.  I was the open bible ready to be read and heard so my suffering would stop.

I am my parents features but yet not knowing who they are.

I am and innocent girl on the outside but yet a black hole inside.

I am a book with pages soon to be written in

I am a lovable person who shows expression I sometimes can’t mean.

I am a girl full of hairspray and curling irons wondering how to look.

I am and always will be my brother’s words telling me to never give up.

I am my own reflection who is still trying to figure out who I truly am

I am peace, because no one can stop me now

I will be a promise ring always to be me and no one else.

I will be a soccer ball ready to reach my goal.

I will be the medicine that heals my mother’s diabetes.

I will be a fossil that was discovered.

I will be the brightest star in the sky to get rid of the darkness I used to bring.

I will be a timer that never stops but keeps going until batteries run low.

I will be the smiles I bring to those who I let down.

I will be no one but me.

Jessyca, age 15