Reasons to be a Free Arts Volunteer Mentor

Group photo was taken at the volunteer mentor orientation.
For the past two months, Free Arts has opened the doors to Parsons Place to renew our volunteer mentor orientations and trainings. We are excited to have future volunteer mentors in the building learning about the resilience building arts programming that Free Arts provides to the children we serve.

Our volunteer mentors come from all over the Valley with different reasons for becoming a volunteer mentor. Being a volunteer mentor goes both ways, because when you become a volunteer mentor you also find enrichment for yourself. Here are some examples of what our future volunteer mentors would like to share with the children that we serve:

  • Relieving stress through being creative
  • Patience
  • Viewing personal traits as strengths
  • Curiosity and enthusiasm for art
  • Acceptance and caring
  • Help children express their thoughts

On the other side of this type of volunteerism, here are some of the experiences volunteers hope to gain by becoming a volunteer mentor:

  • Putting a smile on someone’s face
  • Becoming a positive role model
  • Being active in my community
  • Providing a safe and comfortable space
  • Building confidence
  • Gaining new perspectives on different experiences
  • Transform communities

Free Arts strives to make volunteer mentoring a meaningful experience for everyone that is involved in the process. There are many reasons to want to become a volunteer mentor, and many ways a volunteer mentor can support the children we serve in our programs. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer mentor with Free Arts, please click here.

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