Road to Resilience: Theatre Camp

On Saturday, June 30th, Free Arts held the culminating performance of our 18th annual Theater Camp at the Herberger Center in downtown Phoenix.  The Theater Camp, themed “Road to Resilience,” brought together 30 teens from foster care group homes, shelters, and treatment centers and immersed them in the art of theater.  In the first week of camp, the teens were joined by 5 professional artists who taught the fundamentals of performing, such as acting, music, dancing, and spoken word poetry.  The professional artists, as well as volunteer mentors, counselors, and Free Arts staff, provided a safe space for our campers as they delved into their personal stories of abuse or neglect.  In the second week of this two-week camp, the teens started piecing together and interweaving their stories, creating a shared experience that was powerful and emotional.  On Saturday, the campers held two performances to sell-out crowds.  Over 650 audience members, comprised of friends, family, and Free Arts supporters filled Stage West at the Herberger Theater and enjoyed the final showcase as performers shared their journey on the “Road to Resilience.”  As one camper commented, “I feel so powerful after sharing my story.  I feel a great weight lifted.  I can’t wait to do this again next year.”

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