Artwork: Untitled by Rubi, age 13

Dear Free Arts Family,

Regardless of the results, this election could potentially prove to be one of the most volatile times in recent history. Made visible by social media and network media, we will be barraged with election results coverage. News of possible protests, violence, and divisiveness will penetrate our newsfeeds, our minds, and our psyches. 

We recognize that this continued and potentially intensified time of uncertainly can be particularly unsafe for Black, Indigenous, LGBTQ+ individuals, and People of Color. 

In order to stay centered, focused, and able to hold space for our own processing and for others, we must be intentional about the practicing of self-care. It’s easy to forget, in the midst of our own swirling emotions and those of the country, our primary tools and resources for practicing self-care. 

Here are a few reminders that we hope will guide you this week and, in the months, to come:

  1. If you need physical tools for calming down: Trauma-informed duo Nell and Tish make up Twinpowerment, an Instagram or Facebook resource focused on empowering physical and somatic tools to heal trauma.
  2. If you are part of a marginalized community:
  1. If you feel like making art but aren’t sure where to start:
  1.   If you’d like to process and create in community: Consider joining our Caregiver Community Call each Thursday at 3:00 pm Arizona time on Zoom. For more information email
  2. If you’re easily overwhelmed: Consider taking a social media vacation. Limit your time on, or take a break from social media, only check news sites once a day/week. Staying informed doesn’t have to be a constant flow of information. Be selective of your time and energy invested.
  3. If you want something intentional for your ears: Follow Free Arts board member, Karen Grande’s lead and make an “election week playlist” to keep you focused and feeling free and funky! The beginning of Karen’s playlist can be found on the Free Arts Spotify station here.

Stay safe, centered, and brave everyone.

With love,

Free Arts

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