Host An Art Supply Drive

Follow these simple steps to host an art supply drive.

How It Works


Plan the Details

Identify who you will be reaching out to (school, work, religious groups, or community organizations) and make a plan for outreach. Determine your drop-off location or method of collecting supplies and let your audience know. Think about the types of fliers or posts you will be making to reflect your purpose, who Free Arts is, and what we do.


Select a Timeframe

Choose start and end dates for your art supply drive so that your group knows when to bring materials. Art supply drives often work well when coordinated with other notable dates like holidays or back-to-school seasons. Your art supply drive can be a one-day event, or it can last several days.


Let Us Know

Notify Free Arts that you plan to host an art supply drive so we can make sure you have the tools you need for a successful experience. You can call our office at (602) 258-8100 or you can send us an email at with details and any questions you may have.


Remind, Remind, Remind

Send regular reminders to your audience during the drive and send “last chance” emails as the drive comes to a close.


Deliver Supplies

Coordinate a delivery time with Free Arts. Letting us know in advance when you are arriving to drop off donations allows us to have adequate staff members available to receive your donations. 


Thank Your Supporters

Please be sure to acknowledge everyone who participated in or supported your event and let them know how much you appreciate their help. A thank you card goes a long way!

Start Your Art Supply Drive

If you're looking for a simple way for a group or organization to help bring transformative arts programs to Arizona children, hosting an art supply drive is the perfect opportunity.