I am musical, filled with inspiration, and looks through hazel eyes, smiling as the world fades away.

I am self-evident with an outgoing personality, willing to give a helping hand. Wondering what the world has to offer.

I am from the shack that I called home. With cracks in the sidewalk and broken dreams that seep through my skin as I look the other way.

I am from a place in my mind that has no limits. A place where I can be myself with no worries. Like a never ending dream.

 I am improvist that plays guitar as it plays me. I forget the past and only live in the moment.

I am open- minded so I laugh at the least amusing things. My brother knows how to make me laugh when I am mad/sad.

I think about my family and if they think about me. My future and how I’m gonna get there. My brother in the Air force that seems close but yet so far.

I feel desperate, like I need more than I think. I might not make it on my own. Somebody help me!

I feel lime green. Promising with ingenuity with a vast imagination.

I need self respect. Someone to believe in my wants/needs. Someone to give me slack so I can explore my possibilities.

 I dream of a family. A family that depends on me that feels safe. To have a career that can support my children.

I give my help/care and thought that may or may not change things but will bring smiles and happiness. I listen to others even if they don’t listen to me.

I Matter.


Jared, age 17