Second Star to the Right


Hearts in the Sky

Mermaid and Ship

Tinkerbell and Castle

Tinkerbell and Rainbow

Tinkerbell on Mountain

Tree and River

Artist Statements

My Neverland would be a sunset on a beach—the beach soothes my mind.

Angelica, 17

My Neverland would be relaxing and very chill. I might be like the princess Brave because she is a free spirit.

Rose, 18

My Neverland would look like pure tranquility; free of nuisance and beasts. No animals!

Nina, 18

My Neverland would have pink and brown everywhere. I would wake up with my hair already done. There would be no palo verde beetles. It would be nice, calming and clean. There would be no birds except for a pink peacock. I would guard my Kingdom!

Bianca, 17

In my perfect world there would be no heartbreak, and everyone would get along.

 Crystal, 19