True Colors Composite

This mural was created by fifteen girls at a residential treatment center in Phoenix. The girls participated in a Free Arts for Abused Children of Arizona workshop with professional teaching artist, Kristine Kollasch and Linda Pullinsi. Pullinsi worked with the girls to develop paintings where they created trees to represent their identities. They then collaborated with Kollasch to create a mural installation using the combination of their images. During this experience, the girls practiced many skills including generating and sketching creative ideas, translating those into paintings, working together collaboratively, and finally, applying those skills to execute the mural installation. Throughout this workshop, the girls explored and reflected on their identities, and learned how to approach and complete a large-scale team project. Together this mural expresses their journey from pain and hurt, through hope, into a future that is wonderful and bright. Free Arts is proud to bring together community members to help children heal and build resilience through the arts. Created in the Spring of 2016.