Art Heals! Alumni, Autumn, Shares Her Artwork

In 2013, Free Arts started an Alumni program which has grown to include over 25 active alumni.  In the Alumni program teens and young adults who have participated in previous Free Arts programs, build skills and community by engaging in art activities, leadership training, and apprenticeships.  Most Free Arts Alumni have transitioned out of congregate care (group homes, shelters or treatment centers) and are living on their own or with family members.  During COVID-19, Free Arts has been checking in on Alumni weekly, delivering art supplies, and hosting connection calls where alumni can share their art, feelings, struggles and triumphs with one another.  

Each week, our Alumni Liaison, Margaret Beresford,has shared intentional prompts to inspire art, introspection, and group discussion. Free Arts Alumni have explored radical acceptance, letting go of expectations, and self-compassion towards their own inner critic. 

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