A Brand New Program: Foster and Kinship Family

Participating families in our new program.

We all start somewhere to build resilience. With this new program, it aims to connect families with a supportive community.

2022 was a year of growth and opportunities of expansion for our programs. One of the opportunities has been the creation of the Foster and Kinship Family Program. This new program offers support and resources to families throughout our communities. It allows them to open their hearts and homes to children currently in the foster care system. Through our core programs such as Professional Artist Series, Free Arts Days, and other community events, we can further connect with families.  

In April, families gathered at Parson’s Place every Saturday morning for our Professional Artist Series. Here, participants learned visual art skills with professional artist, Linda Pullinsi. During this experience, each family member created an individual art piece as well as contributed to a collective piece entitled, Nurturing for Abundant Growth. This 5-day series included a safe space to practice yoga with professional artist, Kim Valentine, where families learned and practiced selfcare skills and the art of using breathing to self soothe.

Professional artist, Kim Valentine, leading a yoga.

Our goal is creating a safe and positive environment where families can express themselves.

The families blossomed before our eyes by spending quality time together and strengthening their connection. This program not only gives them the opportunity to transform trauma into resilience, but it grants us opportunities to learn.  After a programming event concludes, we gather information to ensure improvements, commitment, and purpose of providing families trauma-informed resources. The next phase of this evolving program will involve more intentional art projects along with specific skillsets. This includes but not limited to communication, behavior management, and building trust. With the collaboration of community teaching artists, cultural partners, and the generosity and dedication of Free Arts volunteer mentors, we will continue Nurturing for Abundant Growth!

Final painting, Nurturing for Abundant Growth, created by participating families children.

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