The Free Arts annual Art from the Heart Auction, chaired by Liz Shabaker and Lisa Portigal, and Honorary Chair, Cheryl Londen took place on October 22nd at the beautiful home of Cheryl Londen with over 120 in attendance.
would like to introduce the new staff on the block here at Free Arts at Parsons Place. We did an onboarding process to expand our Operations and Programs Departments. We continue to build resilience by growing from 18 employees at the start of Fiscal Year 2022 now to a current staff of 23!
The first Transformation Celebration was on Friday, January 28, 2022. Some attendees were neighbors in the area who had watched the construction project and wanted to learn more.
When the new fiscal year of Free Arts started in October of 2021, we had new faces join our staff and board during that first quarter. We would like to introduce you to the new staff and board members that are now part of the Free Arts team. Welcome to Free Arts, Jocelyn, Coree, and...
Over the summer, Free Arts added a new staff member, and a new board member to our team.