We would like to introduce the new staff on the block here at Free Arts at Parsons Place. We did an onboarding process to expand our Operations and Programs Departments. We continue to build resilience by growing from 18 employees at the start of Fiscal Year 2022 now to a current staff of 23!

Hector Ramirez – data coordinator A Northern Arizona University graduate with a passion for the performing arts and all forms of technology. Being a tech-minded creative, Hector is always looking for new ways that modern technology can help make the arts more accessible for people of all backgrounds.

James Atkisson – programs assistant James Atkisson will be filling the Program Assistant Position here at Free Arts for Abused Children of Arizona. James is a communication major that graduated in December of 2020. James said on her degree, “This was an appropriate degree for me, due to the fact that I love just talking with individuals to better get to know and understand them personally.” Some fun activities James enjoys are hiking, art, and experiencing different cultures through food/art. However, her favorite thing to do is sit down with others and truly get to know a person.

Sean Dolan – administrative assistant A fun-loving guy from the Midwest with a dream of doing something wonderful for the world. Interests include throwing on the wheel, taking long walks in the desert, and feeding loved ones. Let’s get some coffee sometime?

Trisha Kim – operations coordinator Trisha Kim recently moved to Phoenix from St. Louis where she worked in the private sector specializing in finance, human resources, and property management. Although she has traditionally worked in analytical fields, she is also a creative that finds joy in participating in all art forms, loving her fur babies, and eating delicious food with her big sister.

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