Get ready to go with To-Go Projects. Free Arts originally started these projects in the Spring of 2020 when we re-evaluated how to serve children at the social service and child welfare agencies (a.k.a. Free Arts partner agencies). Staff members hand-packaged hundreds of projects and delivered them to our partner agencies’ doorsteps when we thought the COVID-19 pandemic would only last a couple of weeks.

Now, after a year, Free Arts is back on the go with To-Go Projects! This time, volunteers are packing these bags for partners to pick up. Some partners are just now beginning to open back up to receive our programs. For those not yet ready to participate in our programs, To-Go Projects are an option to reach the children we serve and accommodate the wide range of COVID-19 policies among our partners.

To-Go-ther in Art Heals

Our projects are meant to welcome diversity and help build resilience through art. Sometimes we need an extra hand and guidance which is why Free Arts provides these creative projects to help children process their trauma in healthy ways. The first round of To-Go Projects included:

Instructions both in Spanish and English

-Handmade affirmation cards

-Materials for Model Magic Creations

-Materials for Guatemalan Worry Dolls

Guatemalan Worry Dolls

The Guatemalan Worry Dolls are an excellent way to get some of those fears off your chest. Both for children and adults, the Guatemalan Worry Dolls always listen, never spill your secrets, and never have anything bad to say about the fears you give them.

Model Magic Creations

Model Magic Creations foster a way to think about symbolism and identity. Children are encouraged to create their own “logo” or symbol after reflecting on who they are. Children and Teens create this connection with themselves that they can rely on when things become difficult.

Round 2 and More Rounds

First Round was a success and Free Arts was ready to-go with Round 2 which included different projects (Mood Journals and Torn Paper Creations)!

Our 2nd round of To-Go projects were given to the following organizations:

Catholic Charities

Child Crisis Arizona

Florence Crittenton

Maricopa Village Children School

Southwest Key

With more rounds on the way, we are focusing on working with our partner agencies’ and unifying courageous connections with our To – Go Projects.

Self-reflection is an important step in a child’s journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. Not only will children and teens use our To-Go Projects as transformative art, but these projects also maintain connections with our volunteer mentors and partner agencies at a time when the children we serve need us most.

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