The 50 States of Affirmation

Affirmation cards that were mailed in from 26 states
Affirmation cards mailed to Free Arts

When focused on reflection and positive thinking, an affirmation is created for someone to grow and reach their full potential.

Free Arts encouraged the creation of affirmation cards for children enrolled in programs to take home with them. During the past year, as Free Arts and our children navigate through the pandemic, we continue to provide affirmation cards to build trust and nurture strong thoughtful connections to the children we serve.

By re-inventing how we collaborate with volunteers, we incorporated the cards as a remote project to include in our new Bravery Boxes. After launching Bravery Boxes, we started getting affirmations from nearby states and then states across the country like Pennsylvania and New York. We received some even as far as across the ocean in Hawaii. Some have been donated by professional artists, some were done by children who have never participated in our programs but wanted to show some support for the children we serve.

Free Arts goes Nationwide

As of today, Free Arts has received over 21,000 cards from 27 states! These cards, although made on 5” x 7” cardstock paper, have had a mighty impact for our volunteer mentors and for our resilient children. By using the power of art our volunteer mentors create positive, hand-written, and hand-decorated cards to provide an innovate way to allow the children we serve an opportunity to connect with their community.

Let’s reach to every state! States without the Free Arts logo, we need you to mail in your affirmation cards to continue building upon our strong connections.

Due to this large, positive response, we believe in keeping the momentum going as we build strength and resilience. Our goal is to receive affirmation cards from all 50 states, and we need your help! We believe if 27 states know about us, why not the rest of the states?

We believe every child deserves the opportunity to connect with a volunteer mentor from here to there. With cardstock and creativity, you can help a child develop their skills and sense of self. Once your affirmation card is created, send it to our Free Arts AZ location to be part of our 50 States of Affirmation impact.

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