If you have been to a Free Arts Day, chances are good that you have seen or even been surrounded by bright green Edward Jones t-shirts.  You may have even noticed that every Volunteer Spotlight in the Art Heals Newsletter in 2019 has been presented by Edward Jones.

These two things are not unrelated.  Central to Edward Jones’ model of corporate citizenship as maintaining a “Spirit of Caring” is the commitment by Edward Jones associates to sustain a “Spirit of Volunteerism” in the communities where they live and work.

So far this year, 52 associates have embodied the Edward Jones “Spirit of Volunteerism” by donating 246 hours of service to Free Arts at six events.

More valuable even than the quantity of time that Edward Jones volunteers give to our programs is the quality of their engagement with our children.  Edward Jones volunteers bring something special to every event they attend: a sense of joy and purpose that is evident to the children they mentor.

Vince Evans, who coordinates group volunteer opportunities at Free Arts, remembers one series of interactions involving an Edward Jones volunteer and children at a Free Arts Day with particular fondness:

“At one of our Free Arts Days last December, where we decorated name tags with jingle bells, an Edward Jones volunteer got into the holiday spirit and told the children that the bells came all the way from the North Pole, and that they would help Santa Claus find them.  She tested each one with a little shake before asking whether they wanted one that was ‘shining silver’ or one that was ‘glimmering gold.’  Their faces lit up as they reflected on a decision that seemed to have tremendous consequences.  They totally lost themselves in that moment and I have no doubt that it was because she was fully committed to her role.”

Free Arts also benefits from the volunteer leadership of Diane Vanderburgh, who serves on our Board of Directors and is a Principal at Edward Jones.  Serving local nonprofits at the board and committee level is another way that Edward Jones tries to live out its commitment to a Spirit of Caring in communities across America every year.

“At Edward Jones, we believe the arts enrich our lives, nurture our spirits and help to make our region a finer place to live. That is why we ardently support Free Arts for Abused Children of Arizona.  I consider it a privilege to be a part of this amazing organization and to support the children in our community.”, said Diane. 

The next time you see a bright green t-shirt at a Free Arts Day, you’ll have some context for the deep partnership that exists between Edward Jones and Free Arts!

FY19 Edward Jones statistics, current as of 9-11-2019.

52 volunteers, 246 hours, 6 events:

  • CFLA Thanksgiving Celebration 2018
  • Cactus Wren Holiday Celebration 2018
  • Flutter Fest 2019
  • Creativity Day 2019
  • Sea Life Aquarium FAD 2019
  • Heard Museum FAD 20190

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