In November of 2018, over 30 children from Free Arts programs assisted teaching artist Andy Brown in completing a mural on the North wall of the newly redeveloped Point b offices in downtown Phoenix. The mural located on Central and Roosevelt is entitled Perspective Landscape and depicts the idea that things can look differently from different points of view.

Brown worked on the wall to prep the space and create initial outlines for six weeks prior to the big paint day when Free Arts children were able to join in on the fun. On paint day, children rotated through three stations that included: painting on the mural, painting wooden cars and decorating surfboards which were donated by the Phoenix Center for the Arts Mobile Art Unit, which was on-site.

Most of the children had never painted on a mural before. One child shared- “this is so cool because we are part of something that will be there for a long time.”

In addition to the participating children, Free Arts alumni, Armando and Kayla served as artist assistants for two weeks and then assisted children with mural painting on the big day. Point b team members and families were invited to attend later in the day to help finish up the mural.

“Working with Free Arts to paint the mural on our new building in the historic Roosevelt Row arts district was the most rewardin

g experience of the whole redevelopment project,” said Matt Hargis, President of Property Development for Point b. “I was blown away by how much the children accomplished in such a short amount of time and the way professional teaching artist Andy Brown engaged them and helped make the day so much fun. The mural is now a signature part of our building and it is so much more meaningful because of the way it came together as a community project with Free Arts.”

Free Arts is grateful to Point b, Phoenix Center for the Arts, Andy Brown and our alumni for working together as a community to help complete this mural and of course to our children who practiced bravery while leaving their marks as artists on this beautiful mural that truly embodies community.

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